Rick Weber
Author of Pink Lips and Fingertips
Contributor to three Chicken Soup for the Soul books
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Pink Lips and Fingertips
is an inspirational biography and story of radical faith written by Rick Weber. It is the true story of Jeri Ivison Paholek, who was born with a rare heart defect called common ventricle and not expected to live, but changed the world one kind act at a time. As her condition deteriorated, Jeri was given one week to live. She needed a heart-lung transplant to survive. Would she get her donor organs in time? Her indomitable spirit in the face of death will inspire and captivate. You will not approach life the same way after reading this book.

is an inspiring story that recognizes all heroes don’t march in parades or speak before crowds. Jeri is petite and literally suffers from a broken heart. But she refuses to disconnect from God, who authors a supernatural miracle activated by love, courage and faith.
—Armando Salguero, Miami Herald

“Rick Weber has always searched for greater understanding of his subjects and the obstacles they face. Finding solace and inspiration in their tales goes beyond merely the details of his career, but permeates who Rick is on a personal level. It’s again obvious in his best work to date, Pink Lips and Fingertips. Jeri’s story isn’t just for those of faith, but for those who simply need to understand the will to survive and thrive in the face of life-threatening challenge.”
—Jason Cole, Yahoo!

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My Scottish friend's mom thought my plan to walk on at the Old Course was crazy, but it turned out to be a soul-filling experience.
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